Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Morning 2007

Opening presents Christmas morning
Credits: A Vintage Season 1 and A Vintage Season 2 by Lara Payton

My girls

My girls on Christmas Eve
Credit: A Victorian Christmas Page Kit by Dragon's Lair Designs

Bella and Filomena's school picture for this year
Credit: Serendipity by Clohie Watkins

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sonny in the snow

This is our dog Sonny playing in the snow, he acted like it was his first snowfall, and it could be as he was orginally brought up from the US, and the vet thinks he could have been a survivor of Katrina.
I used Blushbutter's new kit Snow Flakes Winter Kit, this kit is stunning, beautiful shades of blue, hand cut snow flakes, lacy ones, and a jewel one as well, that are all so stunning
The frame I used is from Blush's Digital Essentials Frame Pack.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tribute to the greatest man I've known, with much love

Hi all, I finally was able to finish the memorial for my uncle Joe done with Kim's eulogy on it.
This was an extremely hard layout for me to do, much harder then my grandmother's or my father's, probably because I did them long after they passed, and this was right after losing Joe.
My heart is broken, and will take a while to mend. I know it's better for Joe as he is in a better place, filled with peace, joy, laughter, and free from all pain and suffering, but I shall miss him terribly, we all will. His passing has truly saddened us all, and it is our great loss of such a great man, that we are mourning, who loved without condition, just wanting love in return.
Forever in our hearts, forever part of our soul, you made me a better person, you taught me well, rest now my sweet Joe, for you deserve eternal peace, you brought love and joy to all that knew you, and it was our honor to have known such a great man. If I could be half the person you were, I will have accomplished much, I will miss you very much, till we meet again.
Jozef Badowski
February 4th, 1915 - December 12th, 2007
I used Blushbutter's Good Men kit, a really wonderful kit for the men in your life, and it suited Joe so well.It had the same hat he used to wear, a shirt & tie almost identical to one he wore (although I didn't use it for this layout I will for other's I make as soon as I scan more pics. There's key chains and keys, wallets, tools, and fit in with him so well. He was always puttering around in my grandma's garage with old, old tools and supplies trying to build the girls a wagon, lol, the kit actually brought back very found memories. Vanessa I must say thank you for this lovely kit! Everything on the layout is from this kit with the exception of the following.
The book is from Blush's Heart Strings Baby Girl's Mega kit, **I re-coloured it
The angel is a tube I have, it's called 'Angel of Grace' I have searched for the artist, but no one I know, knows who it is
Praying hands with roses, is actually a tattoo created by Rafael "XTASIS" Arriaga, Kim asked me to include it in, as she really liked it, and felt it represented Joe's religious side, as when he could, he attended church every Sunday.
The stair case is by artist Jim Warren, (I have his permission to use his artwork). It's called Stairway to Heaven

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Francis' visit

This is my cousin's son, he's so cute, you can't help taking his picture, as you can see.
They came for a visit last weekend, so we got some new pics I just had to scrap.
For this layout I used both Blushbutter's Baby Boy Heart Strings Kit, and the Add-on Mini kit, as well as her Digital Essential Frames Pack, as well as some freebie items that she gave away in her newsletter. Extra sparkles are from Kim B.'s Sparkles
This is Francis, with mommy & daddy, lol
I again used a combo of both Blushbutter's Baby Boy Heart Strings Kit, and the Add-on Mini kit. The Album is from Blush's Baby Girl Heart Strings Mega Kit, (I coloured it)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some Christmas pics

This is my youngest daughter Filomena, wearing the dress I crochetted for her for Christmas.
For this layout I used Blushbutter's Christmas Vintage kit. The roses are from Blush's Helen's Roses and Lace kit, and the frame was a freebie from the digital scrapper (fotosusu)
Another picture of Filomena at Christmas.
Layout created with Blushbutter's Christmas Vintage kit, and a frame from Blush's new Digital Round Circle Lace,Velvet,Satin,Wool-yarn, Creme Frames.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Girls

These are picutres of my girls. The 1st 3 are all school pictures that were taken in October 1999, the last picture is Filomena this year. I wanted to have all 4 girls together, and used ones that had the same background.
I used Blush's Baby Girl's Heart Strings Mega kitBackground, paper: is a freebie from Blush, the frame (Colourized) is from Blush's new Cardboard button, ribbon wrapped and stitched Frames

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Memorial for my Grandmother and Father

These are two memorial layouts done with Silvia Romeo's 'For Peace' kit.
You can find her kits at Scrapbooker's Playground, Digitals, NDISB, and GottaPixel.
They are both memorial pages made from memorials that my 2nd eldest daughter, Kim wrote for my grandmother, and father on the days they passed, it was her way of honoring their memory and grieving, her writing was so beautiful that I had to make layouts with them.
She was 13 when my grandmother passed, and 10 when my father passed.
I've entered them over at the 'Say Goodbye' Challenge @ ScrapbookFlair, if you'd like to vote for my layouts, just click the links.
Thank you, Lisa

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pictures of me when I was younger

These are some pictures of me that were professionally taken in my grandmother's house when I was somewhere between 3-5, they've told me how old I was but I don't remember.
I used Blusbutter's Baby Girl's Heart Strings Mega Kit, (I just love this kit!!), the glitter on the pink paper, and glittered hearts (coloured) are from a freebie Blush had in her newsletter. The roses are from Outlaw by Design, and the sparkles on the book pages are from Kim Broedelet's Sparkles.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Me as a newborn

This is the picture taken of me at the hospital when I was born.
For this layout I used Baby Girl Heart Strings Mega Kit, by Blushbutter. The birthcertificate is from Grandma's Family Tree Album, by Tina Williams, and I used Lara Payton's Designers Crumples to give it that old look.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kim's 16th Birthday

My 2nd eldest daughter's favorite colours are red, black and purple, she like's gothic style, but she's not, truthfully she's very religious, takes her faith very seriously and has even been asked by her religion teachers to teach the class, but people will look at her and judge her for the way she dresses or wears her makeup. So I wanted to do a page that would match her outfit and cake from her 16th birthday, she had blood red roses on her cake, was really neat as they just had the cake sitting there, we didn't special order it, and had never seen roses that shade of red before. It was a deep burgandy red. The outfit she made herself, sewing it all by hand, wish the picture showed more of it, but it is a duplicate of an anime character she likes.
This layout was created with a mix of items, so here's the break down.
Main kit: Faith Based Series, "Glory" by Tina Williams - dark paper, frame(coloured), flower clip, tag and doodles. This is Tina's 6th kit in the Faith Based Seriers, and is wonderful, with lovely papers, frames and elements, I love the kit.
Crumpled paper: Crumpled Papers~Bold, by Lara Payton (red crumpled paper). These papers are awesome, and Lara has them in Bold, Pastels and Browns, they're great papers, love them.
Elements: Party Factory by Cari Lopez - ballons(coloured), hat(coloured), red sparkle heart. This kit is for both commercial and personal use, it's full of wonderful party/birthday elements, balloons, cakes, candles, ribbons, great for all special occasions.
Font: A Charming Font

Friday, October 19, 2007

A Special Prayer (for girls)

Here is the girl's version of my special prayer.
I hope you like it.
I used Blushbutter's stunning new kit, Baby Girl Heart Strings Mega Kit, this kit is beyond stunning, it's stocked fully of the most stunning papers, and elements, so many too, it's hard to choose, because I love everything, lol. It's on sale right now too! and great for girls of all ages, but you can use it for so much more, check out Deborah Mommens's (Dapper Doxie)'s site, she used it for wedding layouts, that are simply stunning!, and shows how versitile Blush's kits are.
The angels and rosary are from Maggie's Passions.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My brother and cousin

This is my brother Joseph, when he was a baby, I love this picture of him
This is my cousin's son wearing my husband's hat, he was facinated by it.
For both layouts I used Blushbutter's Heart Strings Baby Boy kit.
For the second one the safety pin is from Blush's Victorian Wedding kit

Monday, October 15, 2007

My messy little brother

This is a picture of my little brother, he's 10 years younger then I am.
He was a very messy eater, he used to put his face in his bowel or draw on it with cookies, lol.
I used Blushbutter's Heart Strings Baby Boy kit. The template I used says, Papier Dechire, I'm not sure where I got it though.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My special prayer (for boys)

This is a special prayer that was taught to me when I was a small child, and one I have passed on to my 4 daughters as soon as they could speak.
I've read a lot of prayer books, but have never seen the prayer, so I wanted to share it, and decided to make a scrap page with it.
This one was done for boys, using Blushbutter's Heart Strings Baby Boy kit, which is a beautiful kit to work with. I will be making one for girls as soon as Blush releases her new girl version of this kit! I can't wait for that one, having 4 girls!
The 3 Angels and the Rosary are from Maggie's Passions, everything else is from Blush's kit.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Princess Michelle

This is a one of my favorite pictures of my eldest daughter, Michelle. It's her sneaky, "what did I do, you can't be mad at me, I'm a princess" face, lol.
For this layout I used a combination of Blushbutter's Baby Girl kit, and her Princess Party Scrapbooking Print-n-cuts Pack.
Both are wonderful to work with. Princess Party Scrapbooking Print-n-cuts Pack is stunning when you print it, the roses look almost so real you want to smell them.

Friday, October 5, 2007

My Great Aunt's visit

This is a picture of my great-aunt Katrine, and I. She's my grandmother's (mother's side) sister and was visiting from Belgium. I believe I was 3 or 4 at the time.
Kit Credit: Baby Girl kit, by Blushbutter. I changed the shade of yellow on the stars, and coloured the Precious word art as well.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Nagymama's 1st trip to Canada

This is a picture of my grandmother's first visit to Canada from Hungary.
That's me beside her, I believe I was 4 or 5.
Kit used is Blushbutter's Baby Girl Kit, lace frame is from Blush's Digital Lace Frames.
These frames are wonderful, so pretty and delecate, and can be easily coloured, as I have with t he one in this layout.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Announcement ~ I made Blushbutter's CT~whoo hoo!!

I am so very happy and honored to announce I am now a member of
Blushbutter's Creative Team
Whooo Hooo!!!!! I'm happy can you tell, lol.
You can see my page here.
Above is my first page as an official member of Blush's team.
It's a picture of my youngest daughter at 6 days old.
I used Blush's Baby Girl kit, the perfect kit for little girls of all ages, not just babies. Its a huge kit filled with wonderful papers and elements.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Scrap Lair's Grand Opening!!

Scrap Lair is having it's Grand Opening Sale, 50% off which is awesome!
Just click on the announcement above to be taken to the store. I know it's a day early, but you can go there today, it officially opens tomorrow.
Don't forget to join the forum, there' freebies in there as well, and the gallery to see more of the CT's creations with these faboulos kits.
Below are some layouts I've done (some are also available as free QP's in the forum, you just have to join to get them)
This is a picture of my grandmother taken on my wedding day.
I tucked a little picture of my grandparents, and the children in the memory box
Kit Credit: Grandma's Memory Box by Zyrne's DeZynes, at Scrap Lair of course.

This one is my youngest daughter
Kit: Satin and Lace by Shadow Scraps, at Scrap Lair

And this one is Kim, that shot I love so much with the rose, that she took by herself with the lighting provided by the stove, lol, yes the stove.
Kit credit: L'Essence D'Elat by Zyrne's DeZynes at Scrap Lair

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sealed with a kiss

Here's another page created with Blushbutter's Victorian Wedding kit, the alpha's included with this kit are fantastic. I truly love this kit.
I have made this as another QP for Lara's exchange. For info on the exchange, read the post below for more info and all the links.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Victorian Wedding layout

Here's another wedding layout I've done with Blushbutter's Victorian Wedding Kit.
Everything in this kit is so beautiful, I just love it. It's also one of the QP's I made for Lara Payton's QP exchange. There's still time to get in on the exchange, all you have to do is join DustyBear's Yahoo Group, and purchase the kit, and if you join now, you can get it at 20% off!! but only if you join Lara's group and take part in the exchange. Come join the fun, there are almost 20 pages already, and they're all stunning, there's still over 2 weeks left. You only have to make one QP, and submit it, and you get them all.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Grandpa walking me down the isle

Here's another page I made using Blushbutter's Victorian Wedding kit. Links for the kit are in the post below.
This is picture of my grandfather walking me down the isle.

Wedding Collage

Blushbutter's kit, Victorian Wedding, which is such a gorgeous kit was picked by Lara Payton's Yahoo group, DustyBear to do a QP exchange. If you join Lara's Yahoo group and take part in the QP exchange, you get Blush's beautiful kit at a discount!!
Below is a preview of all that's in the kit. It's hugs, full of the most stunningly beautiful elements, papers, frames, stamps, tags, the list goes on, it truly is stunning and a must have!
As I joined Lara's group, and got the kit, (I'm so thrilled!!!) I made this page above as one of my QP's but of course had to do a layout of our wedding pictures.
I can't say enough how much I love this kit, it's wonderful, just look below at the preview and see for yourself :).
**Preview was taken from Blushbutter's blog, here blinkie and a link to her site is on the right, or just click the highlighted links, the one above will take you right to the kit.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wedding Bragbook Layout

This is a bragbook page (4x6) I made using Blushbutter's 'Helen's Roses & Lace' kit, and the lace lettering is from Wool Sweater Street.
I made this because I have a HP Photosmart printer that prints 4x6's and I wanted to see how it would print up. Let me tell you, since it's the first time I actually printed up a page I scrapped, I was stunned at the beauty of it. The lace and roses look so real, and the red is pure, no running or blackishness to it. Blush's kit is awesome, all her kits are, and to think, if it printed so awesome at 4x6, can you imagine what the bigger pages will look like!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Joe B

This is a picture of my uncle Joe, taken on my wedding day.
Although not related by blood, we are related by heart.
He is truly a wonderful man, who has always been there for me and my family.
Although never married, he is the best father, grandfather and great-grandfather a man can be.
For this layout I used Tina Williams "Grandma's Family Tree Album". The buttons and matterial scraps may seem weird for a layout for a man, but to those who know Joe, they'll understand, lol, he always had tons of buttons so that if one broke he'd always have one to match whatever he needed it for, and the matterial scraps look just like his shirts.

Monday, September 3, 2007

My Grandparents

This is a picture of my grandparents that I extracted from one of my wedding pictures.
They are my mother's parents, and the only grandparents I really knew as my other grandparents lived in Hungary. I was very close to them both as I lived with them for quite a while, and I miss them both dearly.
I wanted to make a memorial page for them, with some brief info.
I used 'Grandma's Family Tree Alubm' by Tina Williams and for the lace lettering and frame at the top with their last name in it, I used lace from Wool Sweater Street. She has some awesome lace elements there for free.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My girls in their Christmas outfits

These are pics of my girls when they were small in their Christmas outfit.
The top one is of my 2 eldest girls, they were taken together. The second one is my 2 youngest.
In 3 of the pics they're wareing the same jumpsuit. Each of them wore the same Christmas jumpsuit for their first Christmas, and second if it still fit, lol.
I used the same kit for each of them, but different templates, although I did alter the templates some to suit my design or photo needs.
1. Lindsay Jane Designs template 2. Colies Corner template
Kit: Snowfun, by Designs by J3 Gold Garland: Creative Victorian
Bows on the tree: Sindiego Designs

My 4 baby girls

These are pics of my 4 girls, from when they were born.
For these two layouts I used, "My Guardian Angel" by Janni for the last one that's purple, I clourized it with permission from Janni, as I wanted each of the girls to have a different colour, and the kit comes with three.

Friday, August 10, 2007

This is a picture of my flowergirl (my cousin) and myself.
I used Blushbutter's 'Helen's Roses and Lace' Kit
This is a picture of the ladies from my wedding party, and myself.
I used a template (only for the side scallopped paper) from Lindsay Jane Designs, and the same kit for the one above from Blushbutter.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Our Wedding Party

This is a picture of our wedding party, along with my little brother who we classified as a junior usher, since he was only 11 at the time. (he's in the smaller pics on the right).
I used Blushbutter's 'Helen's Roses & Lace Kit', and the template is from Colies Corner.
By the way if you're looking for a wedding kit, you just have to check out Blushbutter's new Victorian Wedding kit, it's definately a must have, simply stunning and at the very top of my wish list. (the links on the kit names will take you right to the kit).
*PS...if you'd like to see the pictures larger, just click on them

Friday, July 27, 2007

Another picture of my cousin's son, he's so cute, had to scrap this.
I used Janni's 'My Sweet Baby Boy' kit

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Got Milk, lol crazy pets

This is my kitty Angel, aka Vinnie (I know weird, but hubby named him Angel, then said, well he is a boy, so now he calls him Vinnie as well, lol).
Yesterday one of my daughters went to get something to eat out of the fridge, and as you can see Angel decided to hop right in and try to get some milk. It was too funny, he refused to come out, so of course you know I had to get pics of him in there.
This was made using one of Andilynn's templates, and different papers from Doxie Design's kits.
The papers are taken from: Misty Morning, Pansey, Rose of Friendship, and Changing Seasons
This is Sonny, our new dog, well he will be as of Saturday, lol. Right now we have him on a 7 day trial, as we had to make sure he got along with the cat and girls before offically adopting him.
I used a QP from Meetje, and just placed 3 pics in it

Monday, July 16, 2007

The start of my family album, and wedding pic redone.

I redid my wedding picture, as I got a fantastic kit, Helen's Roses & Lace, from Blushbutter. Vanessa I can't thank you enough!
I got a coupon to make a free 8x8 scrap book, so I've decided to do a family album with it, and so far, I've decided since our family started with us getting married, lol this would be the front of the book, which is why it says 'Our Family' instead of 'Our Wedding'.
I will add more of the pages as I make them.
Thanks to all who come to look and leave a comment, I truly appreciate it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cutey Pie

Pics of my cousin's hubby & son, (my daughter's in the first one)
I used Janni's new kit, My Sweet Baby Boy for both, the second one is her QP.
It's such a cute kit.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

My Wedding Pics 1

This is my favorite wedding picture, taken out of my Wedding Album.
I plan on scrapping quite a lot of the pics when I find the right kit for it.
This page was done using a kit called Lynn's Roses, created by J3 Designs, the direct link to the kit is here. You might have to be a member to view the gallery, I'm not sure.

Another wedding picture.
This page was done using DSO Heritage Sample, by Deanne Gowsmith, can be found here.
The name plate I made myself using shapes and the papers.


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