Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My girls in their Christmas outfits

These are pics of my girls when they were small in their Christmas outfit.
The top one is of my 2 eldest girls, they were taken together. The second one is my 2 youngest.
In 3 of the pics they're wareing the same jumpsuit. Each of them wore the same Christmas jumpsuit for their first Christmas, and second if it still fit, lol.
I used the same kit for each of them, but different templates, although I did alter the templates some to suit my design or photo needs.
1. Lindsay Jane Designs template 2. Colies Corner template
Kit: Snowfun, by Designs by J3 Gold Garland: Creative Victorian
Bows on the tree: Sindiego Designs

My 4 baby girls

These are pics of my 4 girls, from when they were born.
For these two layouts I used, "My Guardian Angel" by Janni for the last one that's purple, I clourized it with permission from Janni, as I wanted each of the girls to have a different colour, and the kit comes with three.

Friday, August 10, 2007

This is a picture of my flowergirl (my cousin) and myself.
I used Blushbutter's 'Helen's Roses and Lace' Kit
This is a picture of the ladies from my wedding party, and myself.
I used a template (only for the side scallopped paper) from Lindsay Jane Designs, and the same kit for the one above from Blushbutter.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Our Wedding Party

This is a picture of our wedding party, along with my little brother who we classified as a junior usher, since he was only 11 at the time. (he's in the smaller pics on the right).
I used Blushbutter's 'Helen's Roses & Lace Kit', and the template is from Colies Corner.
By the way if you're looking for a wedding kit, you just have to check out Blushbutter's new Victorian Wedding kit, it's definately a must have, simply stunning and at the very top of my wish list. (the links on the kit names will take you right to the kit).
*PS...if you'd like to see the pictures larger, just click on them


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