Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Morning 2007

Opening presents Christmas morning
Credits: A Vintage Season 1 and A Vintage Season 2 by Lara Payton

My girls

My girls on Christmas Eve
Credit: A Victorian Christmas Page Kit by Dragon's Lair Designs

Bella and Filomena's school picture for this year
Credit: Serendipity by Clohie Watkins

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sonny in the snow

This is our dog Sonny playing in the snow, he acted like it was his first snowfall, and it could be as he was orginally brought up from the US, and the vet thinks he could have been a survivor of Katrina.
I used Blushbutter's new kit Snow Flakes Winter Kit, this kit is stunning, beautiful shades of blue, hand cut snow flakes, lacy ones, and a jewel one as well, that are all so stunning
The frame I used is from Blush's Digital Essentials Frame Pack.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tribute to the greatest man I've known, with much love

Hi all, I finally was able to finish the memorial for my uncle Joe done with Kim's eulogy on it.
This was an extremely hard layout for me to do, much harder then my grandmother's or my father's, probably because I did them long after they passed, and this was right after losing Joe.
My heart is broken, and will take a while to mend. I know it's better for Joe as he is in a better place, filled with peace, joy, laughter, and free from all pain and suffering, but I shall miss him terribly, we all will. His passing has truly saddened us all, and it is our great loss of such a great man, that we are mourning, who loved without condition, just wanting love in return.
Forever in our hearts, forever part of our soul, you made me a better person, you taught me well, rest now my sweet Joe, for you deserve eternal peace, you brought love and joy to all that knew you, and it was our honor to have known such a great man. If I could be half the person you were, I will have accomplished much, I will miss you very much, till we meet again.
Jozef Badowski
February 4th, 1915 - December 12th, 2007
I used Blushbutter's Good Men kit, a really wonderful kit for the men in your life, and it suited Joe so well.It had the same hat he used to wear, a shirt & tie almost identical to one he wore (although I didn't use it for this layout I will for other's I make as soon as I scan more pics. There's key chains and keys, wallets, tools, and fit in with him so well. He was always puttering around in my grandma's garage with old, old tools and supplies trying to build the girls a wagon, lol, the kit actually brought back very found memories. Vanessa I must say thank you for this lovely kit! Everything on the layout is from this kit with the exception of the following.
The book is from Blush's Heart Strings Baby Girl's Mega kit, **I re-coloured it
The angel is a tube I have, it's called 'Angel of Grace' I have searched for the artist, but no one I know, knows who it is
Praying hands with roses, is actually a tattoo created by Rafael "XTASIS" Arriaga, Kim asked me to include it in, as she really liked it, and felt it represented Joe's religious side, as when he could, he attended church every Sunday.
The stair case is by artist Jim Warren, (I have his permission to use his artwork). It's called Stairway to Heaven


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