Thursday, March 31, 2011

Groovy Scraps is closing after 3 years - Last Day of Sales! New Store comming May 1st

CLOSING SALE!  Last day!

Today is our last day!
We would like to thank all of our wonderful customers we have had over the last 3 years.
Our Closing Sale includes over 1600 products at Groovy Scraps!

You can still find many of our designers and products at our new store, Daisies and Dimples.
Be sure to visit us on May 1st for our grand opening.
We have lots of freebies and a huge sale planned.
We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Huge deal on a CU4CU Licence from Sharon Becker only $10

Had to share this bargin with you all
Sharon Becker, who I'm a tester for has a huge deal on her CU4CU License right now at Scrapping Hens
Regular price is $40, and it's on sale for only $10 that's 75% off!
With this license you can offer CU4CU products from the end results of her PSP Scripts or Layered Templates
Please be sure to put:  EAL sent me  in the comments section when ordering please and thank you
It's a fantastic deal, most CU4CU licences let you make/sell CU products from the finished products, but with this licence you can sell CU4CU products!
Just click here or the pic below to be taken to Sharon's shop

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Groovy Scraps Closing Sale

Groovy Scraps Closing Sale
Time is running out! Take advantage of the Closing Sale before Groovy Scraps closes for good. Over 1600 products on SALE!
There's only 1 week left, then we will be opening a brand new store on April 1st.
Keep watching my blog for the announcement
My store is on sale at 45% off, you can find it here

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ivy Scraps Designer Contest Week 5 - Vote & Freebie (last week)

Well this is Week 5 in the Ivy Scraps Designer Contest, and for our last asignment we were to create a Heritage mini with 4 papers, 6 elements one of which must be a grosgrain ribbon that was made by you without a commercial use product, with a strong focus on ribbons/bows/fibers/flowers and have at least one clustered element this week, using the colour palette provided.
As I have not done a Heritage kit before it was a bit of a challenge, but found that I liked it, lol.
Here's my sumission, you can download it here and I hope you will cast your vote for me here
Please remember that you have to join the forum for your vote to count.
Thank you to all who voted for me in the last weeks, it was a fun and educational competition.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ivy Scraps Designer Contest Week 4 - Vote & Freebie

This week 4, in the Ivy Scraps Designer Contest we had to design a spring kit using doodles
Here's my submission, I hope you like it and will vote for me here
Don't forget you can download it here, along with the other submissions, but you must join the forum/gallery to vote and download.
Thanks for your support

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ivy Scraps Designer Contest Week 3 - Vote & Freebie

For week 3's designer challenge at Ivy Scraps we had to pick our favoirte colour and make our own monotone color palette, then create a kit about us and what we like, our favorite flower, things to do, reading, writing etc...
I had a hard time choosing between blues and purples, but after discussing it with my family they said go blue, so that's what I did, lol. There are Angels, a cross, unicorn, writing instruments, cat, butterflies and roses, and the pearl Angel is of significance to me as pearls are my birthstone. As you can tell Angels are very much a part of me, the EAL in my designer name stands for Enchanted Angel Lisa, lol as I also love enchanted/fantasy things, hense the unicorn. I love my family too, but was hard to incorporate them all so I put the Angel holding the baby to represent motherhood. I clustered elements so that I could fit in as much of me as I could, lol. There's so much more I wanted to add to this kit, but since we're supposed to only have 6 elements, well I did 7, I had to stop. I see this kit continuing in the near future, lol.
Anyways there are 4 papers, and 7 elements, all 300dpi and 12x12, shadows for display only.
I hope you like it and will cast your vote for me here
To get my portion free, click here, the link is under the kit in the gallery
After the contest is over the link will be removed, and I will be making a full add-on kit for it.
Thanks for your support.


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