Saturday, August 23, 2008

The cutest kits, I had to share and tell you about

Ok although Sunshine Studio Scraps is having a contest where as I can be so very, very lucky and win this awesome kit!!! (This is the one I've been waiting for!!)
It's not the only reason I'm sharing it with you, it's because I truly feel it's the cutest kit I've seen!! and I just have to have it!
Now with my 4 daughters, you just know I would be able to do tons of scraps with this adorable kit, and the add-on mini.
Lliella from Sunshine Studio Scraps has adorable kits, truly, and I'm sharing more then what's required too, because she has another kit that I just adore and is at the top of my wishlist, under this one as soon as I can get some funds together to shop, I'll show you below.
Just look at this super cute kit, it's called Afternoon Giggles, just looking at it makes me giggle it's just the sweetest!
Isn't this just adorable!! It reminds me of when Michelle & Kim where small and played tea party all the time, trying to get Raff (DH) to join them, lol, and Filly whose still trying to get us to play tea party with her, only she wants to use real tea & cookies, lol and instead of the little tea party table we had with Michelle & Kim, she wants to sit at the kitchen table, lol.
This Kit contains: 12 textured papers; 1 flowers and circles border; 1 paper cloud; 6 hand-drawn paper flowers; 2 hand-drawn paper leaves; 1 hand-drawn paper stem with leaves; 3 paper frames with ribbons; 3 plain paper frame with colored mat; 1 paper-pieced house; 1 paper window with flowers; 1 12" striped ribbon; 3 threaded buttons; 1 stacked paper circles with button; 3 hand-stitchings; 2 twill ribbon wrap with eyelet; 4 paper tags with leather cord; 3 paper-pieced cupcakes; 1 paper-pieced teapot; 2 paper-pieced teacups; 1 paper-pieced saucer; 1 paper-pieced table; 2 paper-pieced chairs; and 2 cute dollies
This is Afternoon Giggles Add-on Mini, and it's just as sweet, I love the dolls, they are so adorable, Lliella is so talented.
This Add-on Mini to the Afternoon Giggles Kit contains: 6 textured papers; 3 dollies (2 skin colors each); 2 dollies (darker skin version of the dollies included in the full kit); 5 sets of alpha (uppercase, numbers and ?!&*'); 1 scalloped paper frame; and 2 word-arts
This complements the Full Kit, but uses more subdued shades, and it truly makes for such a wonderful kit to scrap all your little girl pics.
Having 4 daughters you just know I'll be scrapping a whole album or two with this kit, if I'm lucky enough to win it. Well shouldn't really say if, because if I'm not so lucky to win it, as soon as I can get enough money to buy it it's mine!! May take a couple of months, but hey I can always ask for it for Christmas too, lol, but I'm really hoping to win it so I don't have to wait that long, lol.
Now I'm not finished you have to check below...
This is the Afternoon Giggles Super Bundle which includes both the Afternoon Giggles Kit, the Afternoon Giggles Add-on Mini and a bonus the Afternoon Giggles Clockface Pack, which is awesome in itself. You can create personalized clocks for family and friends! Just slip in your photos, add some special messages or use the included wordart for the center. Then have it framed and you've got the perfect gift the receiver will surely treasure! Heck I want one for my kitchen, they're so cute!!
This Pack includes 2 pages 12" x 12" clockfaces (shadowed); and 1 Bonus Girly words round overlay (non-shadowed) smaller than preview. All in PNG format and created at 300dpi for maximum print quality.
I truly love everything about this kit, the add-on and the clockface pack, it suits all my girls so well, with all their favorite colours in it, and it's so on the top of my wish list of must have kits, but it's not the only one from Lliella that is on my must have kit list, 2nd place is this one below...

Moonica & Friends, this kit is way way too cute, and another must have!!
It has all my girls favorite animals, and not just 1 but 4 cows which Bella has totally gone nuts over. Yes she's still in her Cow lover phase, don't think that'll end, lol. She didn't ask, she ordered me to put it at the top of my list of kits I must absolutely buy, so this too has been added to my 'once I have funds to shop with, must have lists'
I just had to show you how adorable it is, Lliella is an awesome designer, be sure to check out her store here for more of her wonderful designs
Moonica the Cow, together with her cute barnyard friends, are enjoying life at the farm. This is a requested kit by Monica, whom I want to publicly thank you for requesting this adorable kit!!

This Kit contains: 10 textured papers; 2 red barns; 5 threaded buttons; 1 distressed stamp;
1 chicken hen with chick; 1 duck; 2 dogs*; 2 horses; *4 cows; *2 pigs; *2 sheeps; *1 wooden fence; 1 wooden frame with hinges; 1 paper frame; 1 stiched felt grass; 2 bottles of milk; 3 tied dotted ribbons
* body and just the head per design
and it coordinates with the Candy Picnic kit you can find here, another adorable kit that's on my list, lol, man I'm going to have to rob a bank, lol, shhhhhh I didn't say that.
I just love Lliella's designs, and am 100% sure I'll be adding more of her kits to my must have list.
Thanks for looking and be sure to visit Lliella's store to see her wonderful products from the adorable kits I've shown above to her awesome CU prodcuts and Brag Books.

This is one contest I'm truly praying I win, as it would be a blessing and honor to have such an adorable kit to scrap my girls with!

Thanks to both Lliella and to Sunshine Studio Scraps for running these contests, giving us the chance to win such awesome kits.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some layouts to share

Since it's been a bit since I posted some layouts I've done, I figured I'd better get them posted, lol.
This first one is my eldest daughter's confirmation. I used Blushbutter's Easter Basket Kit, the bible was made by Blush for me (I recoloured) using her awesome Make a Book action, and the Jesus tube is from Bashful Heart
These are some kittens my cousin is fostering, aren't they adorable!!
For this layout I used Blushbutter's Country Kids Kit, such a fun kit
The layout above and below are almost exact, but I made some changes to them.
Uptop, I added a quote from the bible, and a cross charmed safety pin from Blush's Easter Basket kit, but the rest of the layout was made using her stunning Unicorn and Fairy Clip Art Kit, this kit is truly stunning, and I loved the layout so much I had to do it two ways, lol, the bottom one is for the Blush & Dusty Yahoo Groups QP Exchange, for info check out Blushbutter's blog here.
The one above is Filomena & her teacher on her First Communion, and the one below shows both Bella & Kim at their Confirmations

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Want a chance to win 88 CU products, well check this out

Fairydustprincess-magicmaker is having a contest to win the 88 CU products shown above by posting it on your blog, so I'm a posting cuz I really could use come cu products, lol.
Click here for a link to her blog


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