Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kim's 16th Birthday

My 2nd eldest daughter's favorite colours are red, black and purple, she like's gothic style, but she's not, truthfully she's very religious, takes her faith very seriously and has even been asked by her religion teachers to teach the class, but people will look at her and judge her for the way she dresses or wears her makeup. So I wanted to do a page that would match her outfit and cake from her 16th birthday, she had blood red roses on her cake, was really neat as they just had the cake sitting there, we didn't special order it, and had never seen roses that shade of red before. It was a deep burgandy red. The outfit she made herself, sewing it all by hand, wish the picture showed more of it, but it is a duplicate of an anime character she likes.
This layout was created with a mix of items, so here's the break down.
Main kit: Faith Based Series, "Glory" by Tina Williams - dark paper, frame(coloured), flower clip, tag and doodles. This is Tina's 6th kit in the Faith Based Seriers, and is wonderful, with lovely papers, frames and elements, I love the kit.
Crumpled paper: Crumpled Papers~Bold, by Lara Payton (red crumpled paper). These papers are awesome, and Lara has them in Bold, Pastels and Browns, they're great papers, love them.
Elements: Party Factory by Cari Lopez - ballons(coloured), hat(coloured), red sparkle heart. This kit is for both commercial and personal use, it's full of wonderful party/birthday elements, balloons, cakes, candles, ribbons, great for all special occasions.
Font: A Charming Font

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would never in a million years have the patience to sew an outfit by hand! *lol*... I'm a sewing machine kind of gal! ;) ... Looks like she did a great job though!

And you did a great job on the layout! It's wonderful!



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