Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some recient layouts I wanted to share

Hi all, just wanted to share some layouts I created reciently.

All layouts were created using Blushbutter's awesome kits, be sure to check out her blog and store as she has a beautiful new fairy kit that's to die for Fairy Kisses in Blue
This first one is Raffaele and I almost 20 years ago, and a couple of months ago. This year we will be celebrating our 20th Wedding anniversary and he has surprized me by telling me we're going to renew our wedding vows, how sweet is that. I made this layout as an invitation to the renewal cermony. I used the October Challenge kit from Blush & Dusty Yahoo Group, and some items from the Unicorn & Fairy Clip Art kit
Thank God lol my cousin had the most gorgeous dress she lent me for the event, it's just stunning and all lace like my wedding dress was. Saved me a bundle on buying a new dress, lol. Thanks Monique!
This is Michelle getting ready for her prom, stunning dress isn't it :) she looks so pretty.
I used Victorian Heritage Replica kit for this layout and it was one of the QP's I made for last month's QP Challenge at Blush & Dusty's Yahoo Group.
This is my father's first visit with Filomena, she was 6 days old. It's one of the only pictures I have of the two of them together, saddly.
I used Heart Strings Baby Girl Mega kit for this, but recoloured the elements to make a unisex layout
This is my cousin Monique, she's also Godmother to my girls, and a truly wonderful person, so I had to make her a special layout, part of a special project I'm doing as well. I'm behind on it because I've been ill, but hopefully will have it done soon.
For this layout I used a combination of Blushbutter's kits, Heart Strings Baby Girl Mega, Easter Basket, Heather's Purple Roses, Gentle, Helen's Roses & Lace.
Each kit is linked through their names listed above, do yourself a favor and visit Blushbutter's store, I promise you won't be sorry, as she has the most stunningly beautiful kits you'll find!

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