Friday, June 6, 2008

Blushbutter's QP Exchange ~ Come join the fun get a beautiful baby boy album

Blushbutter has a QP Exchange this month using her Heart Strings Baby Boy kit which is stunning!!!
Come join in on the fun, click here for info, and get in on this great exchange, the pagers are all stunning, you'll have the most beautiful baby boy book.


blushbutter said...

beautifully gorgeous pages Lisa!!!
love em :)

Unknown said...

Bonjour c'est Lilou de Digiscrapbooking
Je viens répondre à votre message pour le CU sur
Oui je viens de tout mettre en Commerciel Use.
Merci pour vos compliments, c'est très gentil.
Vos images sont vraiment très jolies aussi.
Bonne journée

Anonymous said...

I do not know how you vein for my box of email I was going to delete as I have a translator rapido in me Pc am directing that I would like you it was making Rebecca my signature or a tag with my name, I am a Brazilian and I am learning the PSPdo 7 to 9 beginner to be right.
I thank his attention have a 23-year-old son


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