Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fantastic new product for designers & store owners, a definate Must Have!!

I have to tell you all about the most fantastic new product I've found by Tallula Moon Designs
it's a 2010 Designer Planner, made specifically for designers to keep track of their work.
This planner is a must have for any designer or store owner!!
It is a printable hybird project, that is truly fantastic and will keep you so organized.
If you're anything like I am you have notes/notebooks/sticky notes all over the place with info on what store collabs you have to do, theme, when they're due, etc...but half the time they end up lost or worse yet accidently thrown out.
With this planner you have everything you need at your finger tips, all you do is print, fold, create your book, and whala, it's there for you to put in all the info you need in one place, and if you need more pages, well you just have to print them up.
The planner conains pages for:
Kit Checklists
Ad Manager
Store Info
Income & Expense Info
CU Purchase & TOU Info
Collab Kit Info
Coupon Codes
Chats & Challenge Info
Note Pages: (blank, lined & graphed)
as well as a full 2010 Weekely Calender, Month at a Glance, Year at a Glance
and so much more
You can even keep track of your CT's with it

I truly believe this is an invaluable tool for all designers, but not only designers but store owners too!
You can keep track of all your designer's info, the collabs you do throughout the year, your ads, sales, store CT, and so much more, it's a wonderful tool.
I must thank Kelli for creating this awesome tool, and giving me the opportunity to have one to check it out, I highly recommend it.
To check it out, click here, or any of the pics above (they're linked)

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